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Instructor Added Questions


Starting Winter 2023, instructors can add up to two of their own questions to UO Student Experience Surveys. Instructors can add and edit their own questions before the survey opens for students. The questions appear at the end of the survey for students. To access instructions for creating and…

Add Instructor Image to Student Experience Survey


Instructors can add a small photo to be displayed alongside the links to their student experience surveys. If uploaded, the photo will be displayed to students on their landing page, making it easier to identify which surveys are for which instructors.   This is especially helpful for…

SES Response Rate and Reminder Emails


UO Instructors with the highest SES response rates often report communicating about the value of the survey responses and offering credit, for example, either offering credit to the entire class if the group reached a high response rate, or creating a canvas quiz asking students if they…

Accessing Student Experience Survey Feedback


UO's Student Experience Surveys are designed to give instructors feedback about specific teaching practices and how they impact student learning. This guide provides instructions for instructors to access student feedback.    New Instructor SES Dashboard: Instructors now have access to…

SES Comment Redaction


The Continuous Improvement and Evaluation of Teaching (CIET) senate committee and the Office of Provost have developed a protocol for addressing discriminatory, obscene, or demeaning comments appearing in UO’s end-of-course Student Experience Survey (E-SES) reports.  The purpose of the E-SES…

Student Experience Survey Access Integrated into Canvas


A new Canvas feature allows students and instructors to more easily access UO Student Experience Surveys. The integration provides a link titled “UO Course Surveys” from the Canvas course navigation menu and allows easier access to CollegeNET, the system that deploys Student Experience Surveys and…