Meet Us

TEP and UO Online are committed to enriching UO’s vibrant teaching culture by supporting inclusive, engaged, and research-informed practice. Together our units offer a wide range of resources, learning opportunities, and services to support faculty and graduate student instructors. Not sure which team to contact? Not a problem. TEP and UO Online work collaboratively to ensure your needs are met, regardless of which team you contact.

What Faculty Say About Us

  • Everyone training our faculty group this fall was helpful and relentlessly encouraging! I plan to further incorporate more of the great ideas the next time I teach this course, and my new skills are proving to be useful for my other grad-level course this term.  

    - Renee Irvin, Associate Professor and Associate Head, School of Planning, Public Policy, & Management

  • I am truly grateful for the training I received through the GTI. The program gave me so many different ways to think about pedagogy, and to become not only an effective teacher but a compassionate, courageous and mindful one. Fundamental workshops in Basic Teaching, Digital Learning, and the Summer intensive provided me with necessary skills. However, workshops in Difficult Conversations, Structural Racism, and LGBTQ+ Allyship helped me to understand how to better support my students as people. The program deepened my appreciation for students' developmental experience in higher education, a time that can be truly transformative. The program strengthened my commitment and my ability to be an empowering presence in the classroom. Additionally, the GTI gave me great tools to craft syllabi, my teaching statement, and other documents necessary for job applications. Without the GTI, I would have been scrambling to create these documents. These assignments helped shape my personal portfolio, find jobs, and launch my teaching career. Finally, everyone at the TEP/GTI has been terrific, encouraging role models who supported my growth as a teacher with kindness and good humor. Thank you all!


    - Olga Sanchez Saltveit, UO Theatre Arts, now Assistant Professor of Theatre at Middlebury College

  • The highly-skilled team members at UO Online offer a supportive balance of technical-skills help plus instructional design expertise to help faculty (re-)design courses that suit both faculty member's strengths and vision for the course as well as student success.  In this transition to online and remote education it is a saving grace to know that I have a good chance of getting real-time support by calling the UO Online help line.  UO Online's assistance in this unique teaching moment makes the challenges we face surmountable.

    - Jessica Vasquez-Tokos, Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Sociology Department