Accessing Student Experience Survey Feedback

Accessing Student Experience Survey Feedback

UO's Student Experience Surveys are designed to give instructors feedback about specific teaching practices and how they impact student learning. This guide provides instructions for instructors to access student feedback. 


New Instructor SES Dashboard:

Instructors now have access to an interactive dashboard that shows cumulative Student Experience Survey feedback from all courses. The reports organize student comments by topic, and display results over time so instructors can track changes over time. Access the Instructor SES Dashboard here.

Instructors can continue to access SES feedback in DuckWeb through collegeNET. Instructions are below.


Accessing Student Experience Survey Results

1. Log-in to Course Surveys through DuckWeb

Login to DuckWeb, select “Course Surveys”, and click “Open the Course Surveys site” 

Course Surveys link in DuckWeb  

2. Navigate to "My Courses"

In the Home drop-down menu, select “My Courses” 

select my courses

3. Locate the course of interest and click View

Far right under the Survey name (End Student Experience Survey)

select view