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  • Instructors who added questions in Winter 2023 had 2 to 3 times higher response rates on average -- Learn how to add your own question through the guide.
  • Join us July 10-14 for this banner week of collegial connection, and the design of new courses and teaching materials -- applications are open for the two stipended ($1K) topical pathways. 
  • Claim seats in your colleagues' classes for a week of informal peer observations focused on inclusive teaching. It's not too late to join any of the amazing courses listed, so peruse the list and partake in Duck In!

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UO Summer Teaching Institute
Gifts of Teaching

Faculty are invited to join this intensive, multi-day focus on teaching! This week-long, in-person event brings faculty together from all schools and colleges for inspiration, collegial connection, and the design of new courses and teaching materials.

Faculty participate in specialized topical pathways, engage with online resources, and select from a lineup of workshops and presentations that bring UO's teaching community together around emerging topics.  

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