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  • Instructors can start adding questions to their Student Experience Survey; follow these step-by-step instructions to submit your questions before the survey opens on May 29.

  • We know that an increasing percentage of UO students experience mental health conditions, particularly anxiety; please visit the Student Well-being Toolkit for a reminder of what to do if you have concerns about a student's well-being and for pre-made resources you can share with your class.

  • The workshop for educators will help us develop a more critical understanding of the impacts antisemitism and Islamophobia have on our students and how we might address them in our courses.

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UO Summer Teaching Institute

UO Summer Teaching Institute

This week-long, in-person event brings faculty together from all schools and colleges for inspiration, collegial connection, critical conversations, and creation of new teaching materials.

This year, the institute will focus on the rapid rise of Generative Artificial Intelligence as it impacts teaching and learning. We’ll consider GenAI’s positive potential as a teaching tool and discuss—and design for—the dilemmas it poses for faculty as teachers. 

Application deadline is May 22, but space is limited, so apply soon!

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Teaching through Crisis

As the war in Israel and Gaza continues, the impact on some faculty, staff, and students also continues. Feelings of safety and belonging are crucial for students and faculty. We were concerned in fall to hear that UO students from the Middle East and/or who are Jewish or Muslim had experienced course interactions that felt isolating and dehumanizing. If you or your students have experienced bias, discrimination, or harassment, know you can contact the Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance office and report your experience, including anonymously reporting.   

A reminder that each of us can navigate the impacts that large-scale experiences of violence, fear, or loss might be having on students by continuing to:    

  • Acknowledge that violence and loss and remind them that they can contact UO Counseling Services for support.    
  • Remind ourselves that our students and the UO community hold identities and histories that will not all be apparent to us, that do not match our own, and that are complex.    
  • Ensure that if we choose to engage with the content of large-scale conflict, violence, and loss, we do so purposefully by explicitly linking activities or discussions to the goals of the course or discipline. 

Please contact the Teaching Engagement Program for any teaching-related support we can provide, and explore relevant resources including our Trauma Informed Pedagogy resource, Student Well-being Toolkit, and Teaching in Turbulent Times Toolkit.

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