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Personal Pronouns in Canvas


All users can add personal pronouns to their Canvas user account. Someone's personal pronouns may be different from what others initially presume. Sharing your pronouns and asking people's pronouns is a valuable practice that shows respect for the people with whom you interact.  

Scheduling Office Hours or Appointments With Your Students


Use the Canvas Calendar tool to schedule appointments with your students.

Show Announcements on Home Page


This guide will show you how to change your Settings to show Announcements on the Home page of your course.  

How to Send Email in Canvas


This guide will show you how to send email in Canvas. Please note that your course must be published before you can send students an email or an announcement.

Course Notifications in Canvas


Notifications have been added to the course level. Everyone can set their notifications for important announcements and events course by course.

How to Create an Announcement


This guide will show you how to create an announcement in your Canvas course.

Announcements and Inbox FAQs


The following are some of the questions we frequently get asked about Announcements and Canvas Inbox.     How can I be sure everyone is receiving notification of new announcements?  You and your students can get a notification from Canvas when Announcements are posted in your course. Go to…