Meet the All Hands Group

What the group is and does:

“All Hands” (on deck)—a group of faculty, administrators, teaching support staff, and IT experts—has met since the start of the COVID pandemic to more tightly connect around the policy, planning, pedagogy, and technology undergirding teaching. We continued the group for the purpose of ensuring our efforts amplify one another, that we share information and resources, and that we are tuned into faculty and GE needs across teaching contexts. 

Meetings are 30 minutes on Zoom, and include:

  • Highlighted information and resources from the Faculty Success e-newsletter
  • A topical focus (frequently generated by group interest) related to UO policies, processes, needs, or trends impacting members, and time to pose questions and get answers.
  • 10-15 minutes of discussion that helps us collectively take the pulse of teaching challenges and successes that the teaching community is experiencing.   

Members can find Notes from Winter, Spring 2023 Meetings (UO Login Required).

Interested in joining? Email

Meetings during Spring term 2024 occur on:

  • April 4 (2--2:30pm)
  • May 16 (2--2:30pm)
    • Discussion with faculty chairing the Scholastic Review Committee and the Academic Requirements Committee (Eren Cil, SCR co-chair and and ARC chair, and Eleanor Wakefield, SCR co-chair) about recent questions on withdrawal processes, extending flexibility, and and other items. Will also share written responses Sr. Assistant Registrars' shared with us.
  • June 6 (2--2:30pm)
    • Student Advocacy Program staff Kristi Patrickus and Savannah Olsen will share information about what this (newer) ASUO-funded program offers students, why you might refer students to them, and the top issues they're hearing about from students and supporting them in navigating. Both come to their current work with prior experience in Student Conduct and Community Standards.

Who our members are:

  • Sarah Adams-Schoen (Law School)
  • Michael Aronson (Cinema Studies)
  • Jagdeep Bala (Psychology)
  • Nicola Barber (Biology)
  • Laurel Bastian (TEP, Office of the Provost)
  • Ron Bramhall (Office of the Provost)
  • Ben Brinkley (Information Services)
  • Kara Clevinger (English)
  • Robert Elliott (Yamada Language Center/Northwest Indian Language Institute)
  • Scott Fisher (Physics)
  • Katie Fitch (Education Studies)
  • Kathleen Freeman (Computer and Information Science)
  • Daphne Gallagher (Clarks Honors College)
  • Carol Gering (UO Online, Office of the Provost)
  • Mike Glover Moresi (Information Services)
  • Julie Heffernan (Education Studies)
  • Austin Hocker (Office of the Provost)
  • Maile Hutterer (History of Art and Architecture)
  • Pam Joslin (TEP, Office of the Provost)
  • Harinder Khalsa (Romance Languages)
  • Mariko Lin (Counseling Services)
  • Mohsen Manesh (Law School)
  • Rich Margerum (College of Design)
  • Philip Matern (Human Physiology)
  • Leslie McLees (Geography)
  • Jose Melendez (Planning, Public Policy and Management)
  • Leah Middlebrook (Comparative Literature)
  • Julie Mueller (TEP, Office of the Provost)
  • Bertranna Muruthi (Couples and Family Therapy Program)
  • Nancy Novitski (University Communications)
  • Jordan Pennefather (Psychology)
  • Donnalyn Pompper (Journalism and Communication)
  • Adam Pritt (College of Education)
  • George Reese (Lundquist College of Business)
  • Lee Rumbarger (TEP, Office of the Provost)
  • Alison Schmitke (Education Studies)
  • Leah Schneider (Lundquist College of Business)
  • Lori Shontz (Journalism and Communication)
  • Emily Simnitt (English)
  • Josh Skov (Lundquist College of Business)
  • Tim Sorg (UO Online, Office of the Provost)
  • Denita Stretelmeier (Office of the Provost)
  • Mike Urbancic (Economics)
  • Rayne Vieger (UO Libraries)
  • Robert Voelker-Morris (UO Online, Office of the Provost)
  • Eleanor Wakefield (English)
  • Marla Wirrick (UO Online, Office of the Provost)