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Media Support

UO Online Media Support Services provides faculty the space, resources, and guidance to build and deliver audiovisual instruction to maximize student engagement. We welcome faculty to schedule a visit to our studio in Knight Library where our media team and instructional designers can help you produce high-quality content in Canvas and Panopto efficiently. Let us show you how to use digital tools to frame exceptional learning experiences for your students.

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Media Support

Media Services


Media Support Services offers faculty a range of dedicated resources within a well-equipped studio space that features a green screen, Leaning Glass, customized podiums, and a variety of options to tailor instruction specific to students’ needs. Beyond material ways our studio can frame your content delivery, our instructional designers can guide and support your development of professional-grade content to foster interactive learning experiences.


Are you tired of the same old?

Introducing the Learning Glass - a game-changing tool for higher education teaching faculty! With its crystal-clear glass board, internal LED lighting, and front-facing camera, you can create dynamic video presentations that engage your students in a natural and interactive way. Just write on the glass as if you were using a whiteboard, and the camera captures your every move, ensuring that you maintain eye contact with your audience. Your Learning Glass presentations can be recorded and easily shared with your students through Panopto or your online course site. 



Imagine taking your PowerPoint presentations to the next level, where you could literally "step inside" your slides and interact with your material in a unique and dynamic way. With green screen technology, that's exactly what you can do! As a higher education teaching faculty, you can create engaging presentations that captivate your students.

With Media Support's cutting-edge technology and expert guidance, you can easily record high-quality videos that showcase your knowledge and expertise. Whether you need to demonstrate a complex concept, conduct an experiment, or conduct an interview, custom lectern, we've got you covered.


What training is needed?

Faculty are oriented to the equipment during their first session. Training is tailored to individual projects and faculty. If you would like more formal or group training, please ask.  

How are recordings delivered and do I need to adapt my materials?

The delivery of recordings is customizable to your specific needs. Recorded files can be uploaded directly to Panopto for seamless integration into Canvas, typically within 24 hours. Alternatively, other delivery methods like OneDrive or Dropbox can also be accommodated. Before you begin, your studio production tech will discuss the delivery process with you. Usually, recordings are titled, trimmed, provided with a thumbnail, captioned, and delivered to your Canvas course. If preferred, arrangements can be made for delivery through OneDrive or Dropbox. Files are typically delivered on the same day.

Is there a cost?

Media services are free to UO faculty and staff creating video for Canvas courses.

Why should I use this service instead of doing it myself? 

Media Studio allows you to deliver materials more effectively and present polished content for your Canvas course, ultimately supporting the overall learning experience. It provides a convenient solution that elevates the quality and professionalism of your course materials, without the need for extensive technical expertise or time investment on your part.

Doesn’t this take a lot of extra time?

No. Your studio production technician does a lot of the background work required to record, process, caption, and deliver videos to your Canvas class. When you look at the entire process, using the media studio is roughly the same time commitment as doing it yourself, but the end product is higher quality. 


Individual Consultation

One on one consults are available for any media related topic including introduction and advanced editing for Panopto, improving your camera presence, working with audio, special technical set ups as well as ideas for managing your video workflow.