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Hybrid Teaching at the UO

Teaching and Learning Topics

Since 2020, we have all been participating in a mass experiment in faculty development, likely the most extensive in scale and speed in the history of higher education. Academic continuity during the pandemic required our campus community to reconsider what it means to support the whole student,…

Active Learning & Metacognition

Teaching and Learning Topics

Research indicates that students who engage actively with course content – by asking and answering questions, discussing issues and presenting ideas, applying and synthesizing their knowledge, etc. – perform better and retain their knowledge longer than those who passively listen to lectures or…

Remote Active Learning and Scheduling Live Class Time

Teaching and Learning Topics

Active learning is about structuring courses to get all students to do the hard work of learning. Designing structured opportunities for all students to recall, reflect, synthesize ideas, ask questions, or self-assess their learning can improve student learning. While these strategies are…