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How to Manually Create Groups in Canvas Across Sections


In a Group Set, you can choose to automatically or manually create groups. When choosing to manually create groups, you can create groups in a Group Set or create groups by importing a CSV file. Both of these options are demonstrated below. Note: The “Require group members to be in the same…

How to Manage Canvas Groups


Groups are a small version of a course and used as a collaborative tool where students can work together on group projects and assignments.

How to Create Groups in Canvas


Canvas allows the creation of groups for various uses. Instructors can create groups for students to collaborate on group assignments, pages, collaborations, and more. Instructors can also allow students to create their own groups. Canvas has two types of groups: student groups and group sets.…

Canvas Roles


Canvas has various course-level roles with permissions that allow a user different course-level access. Canvas provides 5 base roles (Student, Teacher, TA, Designer, Observer), but the UO has additional roles available. This resource provides an overview of the permissions associated with each role.

Group FAQs


The following are some of the questions we frequently get asked about Groups in Canvas. For a full list of FAQs from Canvas, check out these Canvas Guides from Instructure: Groups How do I add a Group set? In the Course Navigation Menu, click the People link. Click the Add Group Set button.…

How to Add Users to Your Canvas Course


This guide is intended for help in adding a user to your Canvas course, such as a Graduate Employee or Course Designer.