Research & Assessment Projects

Below you can find reports from research projects we're involved in related to teaching and learning on our campus. 


Grade Equity Dashboard

The Grade Equity Dashboard is a new tool that displays disaggregated, course-level student grades to help units set and track student achievement goals as part of Program Assessment (Decennial Program Review and Annual Program Assessment). For faculty involved in program assessment or curricular improvement efforts, this page ( provides instructions for accessing program assessment folders which contain the link to the “Grade Equity Dashboard”.

Learn more about the Grade Equity Dashboard in this one-page summary.

Core Education

Dashboards showing the number of core education courses and credits, and how they are distributed across schools, colleges, and departments

Core Education Course Dashboard         US:DIA course dashboard

Student Experience Survey Analysis

Learn how students describe specific teaching practices in the SES, how student response rates have changed over time, and what teaching practices students select as being most beneficial and most in need of improvement to support their learning. 

Practitioner Guides: These guides highlight how students describe specific teaching practices in the SES paired with implementation strategies for instructors. 

SES response pattern dashboard

2022 SES response rate analysis

2021 Senate SES response rate report

Analysis and Rationale for removing the attendance questions from student experience surveys. 

Instructor SES dashboard