Inclusion and Equity


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Creating a Community of Inquiry in Online Classes

Teaching and Learning Topics

An educational community of inquiry is a group of people who work together to develop personal meaning and reinforce mutual understanding via critical dialogue and reflection. Creating a community of inquiry in your online courses can lead to highly engaging and meaningful learning experiences. In…

Trauma-Informed Pedagogy

Teaching and Learning Topics

This resource was developed by Anita Chari, Associate Professor of Political Science, 2020-21 Provost’s Teaching Fellow, and the Trauma-Informed Pedagogy CAIT (Communities Accelerating the Impact of Teaching) facilitated by Dr. Chari.

Flexible, Equitable Access to Course Content During COVID

Teaching and Learning Topics

The University of Oregon’s Academic Council states that, for fall 2021, “Instructors should ensure that absent students have equitable access to course content” and “clear communication and make-up protocols in place for students to follow if students are going to be or have been absent.” What…

Acknowledging Ongoing Impacts of Racialized Violence

Teaching and Learning Topics

The past year has been a painful one marked by the continuation of racialized violence perpetuated against Black people and other people of color. For many, the trial of ex-police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd resurfaces deep grief, anger, and pain, and the recent killing of…

Inclusion & Class Climate

Teaching and Learning Topics

Inclusive Teaching is one of four fundamental pillars of teaching quality at UO. It engages and values every student and attends to the social and emotional climate of the class. Inclusion is enacted through particular choices faculty make in their presentation of self and content, and through…

'Welcome Modules': Opening the Door to Your Canvas Course

Teaching and Learning Topics

A Welcome Module is a “place” in your Canvas course where you orient students to the course: its academic content, how it is organized, and the technology you will use. It is also helpful to provide students with guidance on strategies they can use to succeed in the course. Finally, you can use the…