Improve Curricula

The Teaching Engagement Program (TEP) is committed to the ongoing process of understanding and improving our teaching and, therefore, students' learning. Our assessment efforts are aimed at supporting a culture of inquiry into student learning, including by setting explicit and transparent goals, routinizing the collection and discussion of student outcomes data, and using results for improvement. Assessment is this systematic process of reflecting on and improving teaching and learning. TEP works with instructors, departments, and colleges to assess student learning and, ultimately, improve courses and academic programs.

Research & Assessment at UO

Assessment occurs in individual courses, in academic units, and throughout the core education curriculum.


Assessment Cycle

The assessment process at UO is guided by the assessment cycle involving setting goals, gathering evidence, interpreting and reflecting, and taking action to improve student learning.

annual program review


1) Set Goals & Ask Questions:
Assessment begins with articulating goals and developing questions. What do you hope students can do? What are you hoping to better understand about student learning? What questions or concerns do you have about your curriculum?

2) Gather Evidence:
What direct and indirect evidence of student learning will you collect to help answer your questions? What data is already available?

3) Interpret Findings: 
What do you notice about your data? What additional data would help you better understand student learning?

4) Take Action: Use for Improvement:
The goal of assessment is action, not just data! What will you do with what have you learned?