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Trauma-Informed Pedagogy

Teaching and Learning Topics

2020 witnessed some of the most passionate protests for racial justice seen in the US and globally since the Civil Rights movements, awakening a new consciousness of the depths of structural anti-Black and racist violence. In the past year we also collectively bore witness to an unfathomable number…

'Welcome Modules': Opening the Door to Your Canvas Course

Teaching and Learning Topics

A Welcome Module is a “place” in your Canvas course where you orient students to the course: its academic content, how it is organized, and the technology you will use. It is also helpful to provide students with guidance on strategies they can use to succeed in the course. Finally, you can use the…

Providing a Clear Path Through Your Course

Teaching and Learning Topics

As you plan your course, consider how you will structure your Canvas site to make clear to your students where to find and access the materials and platforms you will be using. Students have reported difficulty orienting to the variety of different platforms, external resources, and…