Resources for Faculty and Departments

Resources for Faculty and Departments

The Teaching Engagement Program has created the following templates and guidance for individual reflection and presentation, departmental reflection, and for eliciting meaningful feedback from students:

Teaching Profile Exercise  

This exercise supports individual reflection about UO teaching quality standards, drawing out some of the myriad ways faculty enact these broad standards. 

Teaching Statement Template

This optional structure provides an outline to assist faculty in their self-presentation for any major review such as midterm, promotion, tenure, or post-tenure review. 

The Department Teaching Profile

This framework supports departmental reflection and conversation about inclusive, engaged, and research-led teaching. It can help departments think about how their individual and collective teaching practices and values align with and go beyond university-wide definitions of teaching quality.

How Well Is Peer Review Working in Your Unit?: Guide for Unit-Level Self Study

This resource helps departments think through common frustrations with peer review and find structural solutions.

In-class Protocol

Consider administering your student experience surveys in class; this protocol provides guidance on how to do so. 

Sample Actionable, Fair-Minded Concrete, Student Feedback

You or your proctor can share examples of helpful feedback like these. One idea is to project these examples as a slide show.

Sample Teaching Evaluation Reports

Faculty can request these reports from their department managers or department heads who have access through