Faculty Guide to Student Experience Surveys

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Student Experience Surveys​
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Get quality feedback

Students have distinctive, valuable insights to offer about the teaching and learning experience. The Student Experience Survey offers an opportunity for formative and summative feedback that we hope will be even more valuable to instructors than previous student course "evaluations."

► Why we collect student feedback
► How to get students to submit feedback
► NEW: Add your own questions to the survey

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About the surveys  

The surveys ask students about specific teaching elements drawn from research on the teaching practices that are significant to student learning. These teaching practices are aligned with the UO definition of teaching quality.

► Learn more on the Experience Surveys
► See the questions students are asked

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Promote the survey

This year, University Communications is reaching out to students in creative ways to encourage them to submit their feedback. But we still need your help! Some practices that help encourage survey submissions:

► Emphasize to students that their feedback matters to you
► Turn on Canvas integration to add a survey link to the course site
► Allow class time for survey submission using this instructional slide
► Send custom reminder emails to students
► Offer a nominal amount of extra credit to the entire class if the majority of students complete the survey

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After the survey 

Reports from the survey are available to instructors after grades have been submitted. TEP welcomes meeting with faculty and GEs who wish to debrief survey feedback and think together about how they might like to apply select feedback to the course. Individual instructors might want to contextualize results by addressing them in personal statements and in the new Instructor Reflection survey.

► Accessing feedback and survey results
► Flagging comments for redaction
► Looking at your feedback over time: The NEW Instructor Dashboard