Teaching Portfolios

Teaching Portfolios

A teaching portfolio is a brief and comprehensive factual description of teaching activities and accomplishments that highlights what is unique or effective about an individual's approach to teaching. Currently, teaching portfolios are being used at colleges and universities across the nation for both hiring and promotion and tenure.

There is no established standard for what a portfolio contains. Each institution (and departments within institutions) must decide what teaching "artifacts" and evidence are most important to include. For those of you who want to compile a teaching portfolio for your job search, we recommend contacting the faculty development center at the institution to which you are applying and asking for portfolio guidelines.

TEP can assist in the design and development of a teaching portfolio. Portfolios may contain samples of syllabi, assignments, exams, and student work. You may include lesson plans and course development materials accompanied by commentary that reveal not only what was done, but why--the thinking behind the teaching. A portfolio might also document your professional development activities, student evaluations, peer and/or departmental observations and statements regarding your teaching and grading philosophies.

Developing an Online Teaching Portfolio – This TEP slideshow provides an overview of the teaching portfolio and outlines a step-by-step process for developing a teaching portfolio and a teaching philosophy statement. Sample portfolios and numerous resource links are also included.

If you want to know more, here are some books and websites you might find interesting:


  • Vanderbilt University's Center for Teaching's Teaching Portfolio Resource (including a section on online portfolios)
  • ePortfolios: "Created by 24 campuses in the Connect to Learning project, this site demonstrates and deepens the value of ePortfolio to higher education."