Gradebook Filtering and Navigation

Gradebook Filtering and Navigation

The Canvas gradebook provides filtering tools to help you navigate your assignments, your students, and their progress through your class.
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Gradebook Features

The Gradebook features options for:

  • Gradebook View [1]
  • Accessing data using keyboard shortcuts [2]
  • Importing and Exporting Gradebook data [3]
  • Late and Grade Posting Policies ​​in the Settings menu [4]
  • Setting up custom Views of the Gradebook in the Settings menu [4]
  • Searching by Students or Assignment names [5]
  • Applying Filters [6]
  • Viewing Student and Assignment data [7]


Canvas gradebook teacher view


Change the Gradebook Display

Go to the Gradebook menu to change your Gradebook view.

The default view is Traditional Gradebook [1].

Select Learning Mastery [2] to display outcomes on assigned assessments. This gradebook view is used with Canvas Outcomes.

Select Individual View [3] to display all grades for an individual student. On this page, you can filter grades by section, assignment, and student.

Select Gradebook History [4] to display recent changes made to grades.

Canvas Gradebook View Options Details

Gradebook View Options

The View options menu offers options to customize your Gradebook View. It is located in Gradebook Settings [1] with the Late Policy and Grade Posting Policy.

Canvas Gradebook Settings menu icon


The View Options allow you to:

  • Arrange the Gradebook by Assignment Name, Due Date, Points, or Modules. [1]
    • The Default Order of assignment columns is based on their order in Assignment groups.
  • Show Notes and Unpublished Assignments or Hide Assignment Totals and the Total Column [2].
    • While the Unpublished Assignments appears in the Gradebook when selected, it does not appear in a gradebook export.
  • The Status Color section [3] allows you to change the color of Late, Missing, Resubmitted, Dropped, and Excused assignments.
Canvas Gradebook Settings View Options


Apply Filters

Select Apply Filters for the drop-down menu of filter options.

You can filter the Gradebook by Modules, Assignment Groups, Student Groups, Status, Submissions, and Start & End dates.

You can apply just 1 filter or select multiple filters.


Canvas gradebook apply filters options

Once a filter is applied, you'll see it listed next to the Apply Filters button. In the example here, the Gradebook is being filtered by Modules and Status (Missing).

Note: The filters will remain active until you disable them. Filters can be individually disabled by clicking the X in the filter name [1] or you can clear all filters by selecting the Clear All Filters link [2].

Canvas gradebook filter by module and status example