Uploading Final Grades into DuckWeb

Uploading Final Grades into DuckWeb

At the end of the term, final grades can be exported from Canvas and uploaded into DuckWeb.
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Exporting Grades from the Gradebook

  • Go to the Actions menu [1].
  • From the Actions menu, select Export [2].
  • A banner will appear at the top of the page to signal an export has begun.
  • The exported file will be available as a CSV file in the Downloads section of your computer.
Canvas gradebook actions menu items displayed

Creating the Grade Import File

  • In order to upload your grades to Banner/DuckWeb, your grade file must be formatted properly.  
  • The Canvas export file will include all the student information, assignments, assignment groups, and final grade calculations.  
  • Make sure the Current Grade and Final Grade match. This indicates that all assignments have been graded and are being calculated in the Final Grade results.  
  • Make sure the Unposted Current Grade and Unposted Final Grade match so you know all assignments are unmuted and students have received all their grades.  
  • When uploading grades to Duckweb, only the SIS ID (95 number) and a Final Grade column are needed -  all the other columns can be deleted from the file you create to import to DuckWeb.  
  • DuckWeb will ask you to indicate which columns contain the SIS ID (95 number) and Final Grade, so be sure to note those.
Canvas gradebook highlighting SIS User ID field
Canvas gradebook final grades displayed

Uploading the Grade File to Duckweb

Now that you have your Canvas Grade File, please follow these instructions from the Office of the Registrar on importing that file into DuckWeb.