Browse Canvas How-To Topics

Browse Canvas How-To Topics

Announcements & Email Communication

  • Canvas users are able to communicate with their students using both the announcement tool and the email tool.
  • Announcements can go out to students as an email notification as well as being placed on the home page of the course. 


  • Assignments are the building blocks for the Canvas gradebook. We create assignments to make columns in the gradebook.
  • We can group assignments to apply rules or weights
  • We can create assignments for individual students or groups of students.
  • We can also have them do peer-reviews of each others work.


  • The discussion forum allows us to have discussions with the entire class or smaller group discussions.
  • They provide a great place for students to share and expand their understanding.

Files, Modules, Pages and Navigation

  • You can upload files to the file area one at a time, or all at once as a zip file and organize them into a folder structure.
  • Modules are a system of "containers" in Canvas that allow you to organize your course content, and create dynamic pathways for student learning.
  • Pages are a great tool for providing students with structure and what the goals or objectives are for the week or unit.
  • We can add external content as well as internal Canvas content to Pages to streamline navigation for students so they can focus on engaging in the course materials.


  • The gradebook has all of your graded work including graded quizzes, discussions, and assignments and will calculate a final grade including the letter which can be imported into Duckweb.
  • You can control the release of grades and feedback in the gradebook globally or assignment by assignment.
  • The gradebook offers a variety of views and filters to enable you to zoom into specific areas or groups of assignments.

      People & Groups

      • We can create groups for our students to work in for projects, studying, or just staying connected....
      • Groups will have their own mini site inside the main Canvas site where they can create announcements, post to discussion boards,  and share files.


      • The quiz tool enables us to use groups of questions so we can make unique exams for every student.
      • We can upload exam questions to question banks from publishers or word documents.