Accessing SpeedGrader

Accessing SpeedGrader

SpeedGrader is the Canvas grading tool. It allows you to quickly grade individual or group assignments, quizzes, and discussions. You can access SpeedGrader through the Assignment, Quiz, or Discussion that you are grading.
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Accessing SpeedGrader from an Assignment, Quiz, or Discussion


First, open the Assignment, Quiz, or Discussion you want to grade. All of these can be accessed from the Assignments index page which is accessed by clicking Assignments on the Course Navigation Menu [1]. Click the name of the assignment (or quiz or discussion) that you want to grade [2].

Canvas Navigation Assignments
Canvas Assignment Header


Within a graded assignment or quiz, the SpeedGrader link will appear in the sidebar under Related Items.

SpeedGrader in Related Items sidebar


Accessing SpeedGrader from the Gradebook

Open the Gradebook by clicking Grades on the Course Navigation Menu.

Canvas Navigation Grades

Find the column that contains the item you want to grade, then click the Grade Detail Tray from any cell in that column.​​

SpeedGrader Grade Detail Tray Icon

This will open a Detail Tray on the side of your screen. Click SpeedGrader under the name of the assignment in this tray.

SpeedGrader in Detail Tray