Resources for Continuous Improvement

Resources for Continuous Improvement

Take the next step in refining your teaching practice with these resources


1. Verify alignment between my course learning objectives, assessments, assignments, and planned activities.

2. Review my syllabi to ensure I clearly communicate student workload, learning objectives, grading, and class policy expectations. 3. Before publishing my Canvas course site for each course, review ideas for welcome modules, structure, and clear navigation.

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1. Review course content with an eye toward helping each student see themselves in the work of the course.

2. Perform an accessibility check on my Canvas course content.

3. Utilize principles of Universal Design for Learning by providing multiple means of engagement, representation, and action/expression.

4. Prepare to address challenging current events constructively.



1. Participate in a scheduled TEP or UO Online Workshop.

2. Create and maintain a reflective journal related to teaching this year.

3. Identify a colleague in my academic unit with whom I can regularly discuss teaching practices.

4. Book a 45-minute classroom support training to get familiar with technology in the classroom I’ll be using.

5. Expand my Canvas skill set.

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1. Incorporate formative assessments to provide feedback, so that students can reflect and correct as they are learning.

2. Rewrite assignments to explicitly describe the purpose, task, and criteria for success.

3. Consider how elements of my own research intersect with class topics. Use a few minutes of class time to give students a window into my own curiosity and methods of inquiry.