Using the Assignment Page to Apply Rules and Grade Weighting

Using the Assignment Page to Apply Rules and Grade Weighting

All graded work including graded Discussions, graded Quizzes and Assignments will be on the Assignment Page (Index). If your grading scheme is based on points (not percentage) and unweighted, all of these items can be in one group. If you would like to organize your assignments by type, apply a rule, or apply grade weighting you can create Assignment Groups and move the assignments into the appropriate group. 
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Applying Rules to Groups of Assignments

Canvas allows us to group Assignments and apply a rule to each of these Assignment Groups. For example you might give a weekly reading quiz and allow the student to drop their lowest reading quiz. To do this, create a Group on the Assignment Page by clicking + Group.

Group and Assignment Button



You can drag and drop Assignments into the new Assignment Group or click the More Options Icon (the three dots) at the end of the named Assignment and use the Move To option. After you have all of your Assignments in the Assignment Group, click on the More Options Icon at the end of the Group Name and select Edit. You can then let Canvas know how many Assignments to drop. If there is an assignment that students must complete, you can indicate that the Assignment is never dropped. 

Applying weights to groups of assignments

Faculty often want to weight their grades. 

  • Quizzes - 30%
  • Class Participation - 20%
  • Midterms - 30%
  • Final Exam - 20%

Canvas will do this math for you if you turn on Assignment Groups Weight by clicking on the More Options Icon next to + Assignment.

Assignment Group Weight Button





When you select Assignment Groups Weight, a new window will open showing your Assignment Groups with a corresponding box to apply the correct percent weight. It will also add these up so you can easily see when your total has reached 100%. The Assignment Groups and their weight will appear in the second to last column in the Gradebook.


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