Engaged Teaching is one of four pillars of teaching quality defined by UO and includes:

  • demonstrated reflective teaching practice, including through the regular revision of courses in content and pedagogy.

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Professional, Inclusive, Engaged, and Research Informed Teaching at UO

Teaching at UO

What is Teaching Excellence? Teaching at the University of Oregon is Professional, Inclusive, Engaged, and Research-informed. The University of Oregon is committed to exceptional teaching, discovery, and service. Achieving excellence in teaching means first defining it to reflect the best of what…

Equity in Student Achievement: Resources & Research

Teaching and Learning Topics

This page offers definitions of equity and key resources and research focused on what equity gaps in student achievement are, why they exist, and what practices institutions and individuals are exploring to close these gaps. These resources may support: faculty, GEs, and anyone else interested in…

Graduate Writing Mentorship Program

Teaching and Learning Topics

Though writing is fundamental to the careers of most scholars, too few programs teach graduate students how to write in their respective disciplines and even fewer teach faculty how to teach writing to their graduate students. Meanwhile, the university offers few writing services specifically for…

Acknowledging Ongoing Impacts of Racialized Violence

Teaching and Learning Topics

The past year has been a painful one marked by the continuation of racialized violence perpetuated against Black people and other people of color. For many, the trial of ex-police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd resurfaces deep grief, anger, and pain, and the recent killing of…

Communicating for Academic Integrity

Teaching and Learning Topics

The communication practices below have been instrumental for many faculty and graduate student instructors in supporting greater academic integrity in their classes. Reflect on what we believe about students and why they engage in academic misconduct, as our beliefs influence the tone and…

Instructor Reflections

Teaching at UO

The Instructor Reflection is a centrally administered survey, intended to assist faculty in documenting and archiving your ideas for continual course improvement as well as provide a mechanism to place your own voice into the Teaching Evaluation process at the course level. It is also one way for…

Teaching Portfolios

Teaching at UO

A teaching portfolio is a brief and comprehensive factual description of teaching activities and accomplishments that highlights what is unique or effective about an individual's approach to teaching. Currently, teaching portfolios are being used at colleges and universities across the nation for…

Self Presentation

Teaching at UO

An instructor's self-presentation is a crucial part of the Continuous Improvement and Evaluation of Teaching system, especially how instructors are engaging to develop and refine their professional, inclusive, engaged, and research-informed teaching practices. Self-presentation materials should…