iClicker Self-Paced Polling

iClicker Self-Paced Polling

Self-Paced Polling (SPP) allows students to answer up to 99 questions at their own pace using their iClicker.
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Creating a Self-Polling Answer Key

Recommended best practice is to create an answer key before polling.

  • Select ​​​​​​New Answer Key [1] from the iClicker main app menu at the top of your screen.
  • Select the Number of Questions [2] (99 max).
  • Enter the correct Answers [3]. Answers can be A-E, numeric, or alphanumeric.
  • Assign each answer a Points value [4].
  • There is no need to select the answer type.
  • Select Save and give your answer key an easily identifiable Title [5] for later reference.
  • To edit the answer key later, select Self-Paced from the main iClicker menu then select Open Answer Key [6].



iClicker set up self paced polling answer key

Starting a Self-Paced Polling Session

  • On the main iClicker app menu, select Start Self-Paced Session [1].
  • In the Self-Paced Polling Settings dialog box, you can set a time limit [2]. The default is No time limit as a time limit may not be necessary when doing a self-paced poll during class.
  • In the Answer key section, select I have an answer key [3]. Browse to select the correct Answer key from the Class folder in iClicker.
  • To begin polling, select Start Polling [4].
iClicker start self paced polling

Running a Self-Paced Poll

When Polling starts, the Self-Paced Polling Toolbar appears. It shows:

  • A chart icon that allows viewing in real-time of student progress [1]
  • The time elapsed since self-paced polling started [2]
  • The number of completed self-paced polls [3]


iClicker self paced polling active toolbar

When the self-paced poll is over, click on the Self-Paced Polling button on the toolbar to stop the poll. Also remember to close the toolbar by clicking on the X in the top left corner.

Self-Paced Polling Best Practices

  • Use Self-Paced Poling for low-stakes assessments.
  • Have students write their answers on paper and then transmit their responses with the iClicker.
  • Have students submit their answer sheet as a back-up.

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