iClicker Polling

iClicker Polling

Read through this guide to get started polling with iClicker.
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Setting the Frequency of Your Base Station

In iClicker, select the course you want to use for Polling.

  • Go to Settings [1].
  • On the General tab, set the two letter Frequency Code [2]. The default frequency is AA.
    • This is done to avoid having two classes in adjacent rooms from having a conflict if both classes are using iClicker at the same time.
iclicker settings option
iClicker frequency code settings

In the Classroom Before Polling Your Students

  • Plug your iClicker base station into your computer and let students know which frequency you are using.
  • Open iClicker, select your course, and click on Start New Session [1].
iclicker start new session option
    • A small floating iClicker Session Toolbar will appear. This toolbar is what is used to start and stop polling, and to show results.
    iClicker floating session toolbar

    Open your presentation application (PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.). If you don’t see the toolbar on the screen in the front of the classroom, try dragging it to the right or left to move it to the projected screen.

    Note: If you set up the polling session before arriving in the classroom, the base station will not recognize the students’ responses.

    Polling Your Students

    • Use the iClicker Toolbar [1] or the iClicker Instructor Remote (Blue) to start and stop polling.
    • Share results with students by showing the Charts [2] generated by iClicker.
    • At the end of class, choose the exit icon [3] on the Session Toolbar to end session.
    • The data is saved in the iClicker application, not in the base station.
    iClicker floating session toolbar showing question options graphs and exit

    Troubleshooting iClicker Issues in the Classroom

    1. None of the student iClickers are registering in your software during polling.
      • Close iClicker and reconnect your base station, then restart iClicker.
      • Also, make sure all students have the correct frequency.
    2. iClicker will not respond to Start a New Session.
      • Make sure the base station USB connection is properly seated in your computer’s USB port.
      • Unplug the base station and plug it back into the computer.
    3. For all other issues, contact UO Online or Canvas Support.

    For further assistance, UO Online & Canvas Support is available.

    • In-Person: Room 68 PLC
    • By phone: (541) 346-1942
    • By email: uoonline@uoregon.edu
    • Chat with us at livehelp.uoregon.edu
    • Submit a Service Portal Ticket by clicking the Help button at the bottom of the Global Navigation Menu in Canvas