iClicker Demographics

iClicker Demographics

Discover how to collect and use demographic information with iClicker.
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iClicker has 82 pre-packaged demographics questions to select from. You can edit these questions as well as adding your own custom questions to the question pool. Identify the demographic questions to be asked before class, save them in iClicker, and then ask them as the first questions of a polling session. These results can then be selectively used to identify any demographic characteristics with respect to the discipline specific questions asked.

  • For example: You might want to know if a person's age group affects their historical knowledge. You could ask a demographics question regarding age before you begin your lecture. During the lecture you might then ask questions about specific historical events. You can then use the demographic age data to review the responses to these history questions, some very recent and some older, to see if age affects historical knowledge.

Selecting Demographic Questions

  • In iClicker, select Settings [1].
  • In the Course Settings window, select Demographics[2].
iclicker set-up demographics
  • On the left under Available Questions [3], double-click on a question to preview it.
  • To add a question to the list of Selected Questions click on the right arrow [>]. To remove a question from the list of Selected Questions click on the left arrow [<] [4].
  • To create a New question select the New [5] button. Fill out the Question Title, Question, and the Response Options. Select Save or Save and add to list when you're finished creating the new question.
  • To Edit an existing question, select the question then select the Edit [6] button. When you're finished making your changes, select Save or Save and add to list.
  • Select Save [7] when you've finished selecting all your demographic questions.
iclicker select demographic questions

Gathering Demographics in Class

In iClicker, select Start New Session. In order for demographic question data to be used, you must run the demographic questions before your lecture questions.

  • When the Polling Toolbar appears, select the gear icon [1] to reveal the drop-down menu and select [2] either:
    • Run all demographics
      • this runs all the selected demographic questions in the order you selected them.
    • Select demographics questions
      • this allows you to select specific questions.
iClicker selecting polling questions to run

Using Demographics Data in Class

After collecting demographic data, use the same Polling Session to ask lecture questions. Once students have responded to a lecture question, the demographics data can be used.

  • Display the responses charts by selecting the Graph [1] icon in the Polling Toolbar. A Results Chart will open.
    • Demographics is an option on the Results Chart toolbar. Select the down caret ▼ next to the word Demographics [2] then select the demographic to use for analysis.
    • Selecting Compare [3] opens a new chart with the question data and allows for another demographic to be shown for comparison between the lecture questions and two different demographic markers or groups.
iClicker select demographic and compare with another question



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