Getting Started with iClicker

Getting Started with iClicker

Get started with iClicker by picking up an iClicker kit (iClicker base, connection cord, blue instructor iClicker remote, and white Student iClicker) from UO Online in PLC 68. Then follow these set-up steps to get up and running.

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Step 1: Pick up your iClicker Classic Instructor Kit

Before downloading the iClicker Classic software, be sure to pick-up your iClicker Classic Instructor kit (iClicker base, connection cord, blue Instructor Remote, and a white Student Remote) from UO Online at PLC 68.

Students will interact with iClicker in your course by using the Student iClicker Remote which can be purchased at the UO Bookstore.

iClicker instructor kit

NOTE: UO does not support iClicker Cloud at this time. Do not have students download or use the iClicker Cloud application.


Step 2: Download the iClicker software

NOTE: The most recent version if iClicker is 7.27.0. If you have an older version on your computer, delete it and begin with a fresh, updated install as described below.

Windows Users:

1. Access the iClicker software for Windows at this SharePoint site.

2. Once here, click on the Download option on the top menu

3. Unzip the file after downloading it.

iclicker file download button in sharepoint

All necessary iClicker Classic folders and files will be created. We suggest you create and add an iClicker Classic folder to your Desktop to allow for quick access in the classroom.


Mac Users:

You must download the application installer from the iClicker website.

1. Download the iClicker Classic software from by selecting the Mac option [1] on the website. This will download the iclicker-7.27.0-mac.dmg file.


iclicker classic download for mac


iclicker dmg file


2. Create an iClicker Classic folder on your desktop (for quick access during class) called "iClicker Classic" or something similar.

iclicker new folder on desktop


3. Double-click the downloaded .dmg file (iclicker install under Locations in Finder) to open it [1]. Drag the file [2] to new iClicker Classic folder.

drag iclicker app to iclicker classic folder


4. Double-click on the iclicker circular app icon to run iClicker Classic.

  • The first time you run iClicker Classic from your new iClicker folder, it will automatically create all the supporting files and folders to allow iClicker Classic to function.
iclicker app folders and files

5. Download the LMS Wizard zip folder by clicking this LMS_Wizard.xml link. The folder will automatically download.

6. Drag the Zipped LMS_Wizard.xml file from your Downloads folder into the Resources folder in your newly created iClicker Classic folder.

7. Next, unzip the LMS Wizard.xml file.

  • Be sure to unzip it ONLY after it's been placed in the Resources folder.
iclicker drag lms wizard file from downloads to iclicker resources folder
  • Chrome users can double-click on the downloaded file in the download ribbon at the bottom of the Chrome window to unzip it.
  • Safari users will need to locate the LMS_Wizard.xml zipped folder in their Downloads folder and double-click it there to unzip the file.


NOTE: Some Mac users may need to follow these additional steps to allow iClicker to record your computer’s screen.

If prompted with a dialog box to allow iClicker to record your screen, select the Open System Preferences option to continue.

mac iclicker screen recording dialog box prompt

Select Security & Privacy

mac system preferences security and privacy option

Scroll down to find Screen Recording and select it. Scroll in the right box to find iClicker Classic and check the box to allow the app to record the contents of your screen.


Exit System Preferences.

mac allow iclicker to record screen

An additional dialogue box may appear to request access to files from your Downloads folder. If prompted, select OK to grant permission.​​​

iclicker mac grant access to downloads folder

 If you are not prompted by any dialogue boxes, your settings are already configured to allow iClicker to record your screen when using iClicker Classic.

Step 3: Add Your Course

When you open iClicker Classic the first time, you will be prompted to Register with iClicker. You do not need to register to use iClicker. Click the "Remind me later" button to bypass registration.

iclicker registration remind me later option


  • When you see the Welcome screen in iClicker, click on the +Create button [1] to add your course.
  • Name your course. This is a nickname for your ease of use.
  • Select the course by clicking on it and select Settings [2].
iclicker create new course
iClicker new course settings
    • Click the Gradebook tab [3] on the top of page.
    • In the LMS Name [4], Canvas should be pre-selected.
    • On the same page, click on Select course [5].
    iClicker new course gradebook settings
      • A screen will pop up with the Canvas login screen. Enter your Duck ID and Password.
      • Make sure the Automatically log me in to my LMS [6] box is checked at the bottom.
      • Click on Authorize [7] on the next screen to authorize access to Canvas.
      • A screen with your Canvas courses will display. Click on your desired course and click Select [8].
      iClicker select new course in Canvas 3 steps


      • You will get a pop-up notifying you that the course roster will not appear in the gradebook until you sync it from the LMS. You will do this in Step 5 below, so select OK to continue.
      iclicker gradebook sync to lms alert

      Step 4: Set-up Scoring for Your Course

      • Click on your course name again to highlight it, click Settings, then click the Scoring tab at the top of the page.
      • From here chose to give Participation points, Performance points, or both.
      • When done, click Save.
      iClicker new course settings scoring options

      Step 5: Add Canvas Roster to iClicker

      • Click on your course name and then select Open Gradebook [1].
      • Next, click on the Sync Roster [2] icon to sync your course roster between Canvas and iClicker.
      • The message: "Student roster downloaded successfully" will pop-up, select Close and the names will populate.
      iClicker open gradebook
      iClicker synch roster

      Step 6: Making iClicker visible for Students on Course Navigation Menu

      In order for students to register their iClickers, you must enable the iClicker item in Course Navigation.

      1. Select Settings from the Course Navigation menu.

      2. Select the Navigation Tab.

      3. Find iClicker in the disabled items section. Select Options [⋮] and then select Enable. This will put iClicker in the list of items that students can see on the Course Navigation menu.

      Remember to click Save at the bottom of the page to have the change applied.

      Canvas course navigation enable iclicker

      Students will now have iClicker available to them on the Course Navigation menu and will be able to register their iClickers.

      iClicker on course navigation menu

      For further assistance, UO Online & Canvas Support is available.

      • In-Person: Room 68 PLC
      • By phone: (541) 346-1942
      • By email:
      • Chat with us at
      • Submit a Service Portal Ticket by clicking the Help button at the bottom of the Global Navigation Menu in Canvas