Neurodivergent Instructors Affinity Group Meetings (recurrent series)

  • 24 April 2023
  • Virtual Event
  • Event Host: TEP, Campus partners
  • Event Type: Reading and discussion group

What the group is and why you might join:

This recurring affinity-group discussion is a space for neurodivergent instructors (and those who hold identities within the umbrella of neurodivergence, like autism, ADHD, dyslexia, bipolar, etc.) to connect in ways that feel positive, and to share resources, strategies, questions, and scholarship around things that matter to you. Most meetings are over Zoom (some opportunities for in-person in the future if folks are interested).

Discussions are:

  • structured to honor a range of communication styles and needs (including large and small group, solo reflection time, and Teams for asynchronous engagement)
  • hosted by neurodivergent individuals 
  • guided by participant interest--while topics are a starting point, we will go where the group wants to go  

Questions welcomed; please send them to


Spring term meeting dates/topics:

Below please find a list of dates and topics—identified by past participants—and join us for any or all. These discussions will generally be the second Friday and last Monday (when not a holiday) of each month of the term.

  • Monday, April 24, 11-12 (Zoom): Being neurodivergent at UO and creating community that sustains
  • Friday, May 12, 2-3 (Zoom): Dealing with multiple projects (teaching, research, service) when you are at capacity
  • Monday, May 22, 11-12: Calibrating our energy—being in “flow” and preventing burnout
  • Friday, June 16, 2-3: Identifying how the policies and practices of our institution can create a more supportive climate


How to join us:

Email for Zoom link and Teams invitation or register via MyTracks.

Interested but can't make this time? Fill out our anonymous form and let us know what time is good for you!