Schedule When a Canvas Page will be Published

Schedule When a Canvas Page will be Published

Canvas allows you to create a Page and then schedule when you'd like to publish it. This feature gives you the flexibility to create Pages in advance that then will be published automatically on the date you select. Students will only see the Page (even when it's included in a published Module) when it automatically publishes.

Page Set-up for Automatic Publishing

Create a new Page by selecting Pages [1] in the Course Navigation menu, then select + Page [2].

canvas creating a new page


Select the day and time you want the Page to automatically publish by typing the date and time in the Publish At field [3] or by using the calendar icon [4] to select the date and time.

When a Publish At date and time are set, the Save & Publish option is disabled. Select Save [5] to save the Page. The page will automatically be published on the date you set.

canvas set publish at day and time


In the Pages section of Canvas, you can see all of your pages and their current status:

A. Published (white check in green circle)

B. Unpublished (open circle)

C. Will Automatically Publish on set date (red calendar)


published unpublished and scheduled to publish pages

You can add pages that are set to publish automatically to Modules. Students will not see the page until it automatically publishes. For example, you may have a lecture video you want to include in a weekly module, but do not want students to view until a certain date. Using the Publish At functionality allows you to do this without having to remember throughout the term to publish pages at a later date.

Instructor View of a Scheduled to be Published Page in a Module

Student View of a Module with a Scheduled to be Published Page

automatically published page in a canvas module instructor view

Hover over the calendar icon to see when the page will be published

student view of an unpublished page in a Module