Pages FAQs

Pages FAQs

The following are some of the questions we frequently get asked about Pages. For a full list of FAQs from Canvas, check out these Canvas Guides from Instructure: Pages
How do I set a Front Page?

The Course Home Page is the first view your students will see when they enter your course. For the Course Home Page, you can customize a page from your course Pages and have it display as the Course Home Page. The Front Page is a designation that shows Canvas which page can be used for the Course Home Page. Use this page to show a welcome message, links, images, or other information for students. 

If you want to change the Course Home Page to a custom page, you must first set the page as the Front Page. The Page must be published before it can be selected as the Front Page.

In Course Navigation, click the Pages link. Locate your published page that you want to set as your Front Page. Click the Options icon and select the Use as Front Page link. The selected Page will now be indicated by a gray Front Page tag.

You can also set a page as the Front Page from any individual page in your course. Click the name of any published page that you want to set as your front page. Click the Options icon and select the Use as Front Page link.

How do I add a page to a module?

When adding an item to a module, select Page in the Add Item to dropdown list.  Then either select the already created Page or select [New Page] to create a new Page as a placeholder or to build it right there. 

Where can I find a list of recognized style classes?

Instructure has a style guide available at:  Users interested in any of these different styles can contact someone at UO Online for assistance in integrating any styles into a Page. 

How do I add an image taken from the web? 

When using images from the web, first make sure it is not copyrighted.  Look for a Creative Commons License, where it can be used with or without attribution.  To add the image, click on the image so it is the only thing on the webpage.  Copy that URL and then on the Page in Canvas, click on the insert image button.  The option to use is the URL tab. Paste the URL of the image into the URL box, insert a descriptive tag of what is in the picture.  Go back to the image website and copy the information describing the Creative Commons information necessary to use the image. In most cases it is very east to find who uploaded the image. Paste this information below the image or at the bottom of the page if there are multiple attributions. Be sure to complete this step.

Can I embed a picture from my computer without uploading it to Canvas first?

Canvas allows you to embed an image from a URL, Canvas Files, or a Flickr account.

Can all Pages be unpublished at one time?

No, they need to be unpublished one-by-one.  A best practice in using Pages is to hide that link from the Student View of the Course Navigation Menu. The Pages are very useful as items in Modules.  By linking Pages to modules, the students can find them easily and unpublishing them isn’t necessary. 

Is it possible to have Pages publish themselves on a certain date?
Pages do not have the option of setting a start or end date - only Modules, Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions.  One way to hide Pages is to put them in a module with Prerequisites or Requirements. With Prerequisites, the Page is not available until the Module is available and the preceding items in the module are completed, then the Page will be available. With Requirements, students must complete a requirement (i.e. complete a quiz, view a page, etc.) before the next one is available.


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