Grading a Quiz with SpeedGrader

Grading a Quiz with SpeedGrader

Using SpeedGrader to evaluate and grade quizzes that have essay and short answer questions.
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Grading a Quiz with SpeedGrader

Quiz questions can be manually graded in SpeedGrader. Essay and file upload questions require manual grading. However, you may also revise scores for automatically graded questions.

To manually grade Quiz questions, open Quizzes from the link on the Course Navigation Menu [1]. Click the name of the Quiz you want to open [2].  In the sidebar, click the SpeedGrader link [3].

Selecting SpeedGrader in a Quiz
  • In SpeedGrader, you will see a notice about any questions that need to be graded. If a question needs to be manually graded, you can click the question number directly within the notification window. 
  • To view a question, scroll down the quiz to locate the quiz question you want to view.
Quiz SpeedGrader Overview

To assign a score, enter a point value in the Points Field for that question. In this example, the question required the student to upload a file with their response. To view a file, click the link provided.  You can also add comments to the response in the Additional Comments box.

Assign a Score Box in SpeedGrader

To adjust the score for questions that were graded automatically, you can change the number in the Points Field [4]. You can also adjust the total score (e.g. bonus points, deductions for lateness, etc.) in the box labeled Fudge Points [5] by entering a positive (add points) or negative (subtract points) number to the box.  Be sure to click Update Scores [6] to assign the scores you entered.

SpeedGrader Adjusting Quiz Score


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