Grading a Discussion with SpeedGrader

Grading a Discussion with SpeedGrader

When you make your discussion graded you will be able to view each student's response and their replies to their classmates in the SpeedGrader interface. You will also be able to grade their post and comments within SpeedGrader.
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Grading your Discussion Forum

You can grade your graded discussion using SpeedGrader.

To grade a graded Discussion (you must have checked the Graded box when creating the Discussion) in SpeedGrader, first open Discussions from the link on the Course Navigation Menu [1].  Click the name of the Discussion you want to open [2].

SpeedGrader selecting a discussion to grade

Click on the More Options icon [3] and then click SpeedGrader from the drop-down [4].

Selecting SpeedGrader in a Discussion

View the submission [5]. Enter the score in the Point Value field [6] then click Submit [7].  To view the next student's submission, click the right arrow [8] or to go back to the previous submission, click the left arrow.

Discussion Grading via SpeedGrader