GE Day of Teaching

What is "GE Day of Teaching"?

The annual GE Day of Teaching is an opportunity for GEs to learn foundational teaching skills and topics as well as what quality teaching means at UO (it's professional, inclusive, engaged, and research-informed!). It's also an opportunity to meet other GEs and build community, and to learn about resources that support the vibrant teaching community here, and that we hope you'll turn to.

Sessions are led by the Teaching Engagement Program and campus partners (such as UO Online or American English Institute), and participants can opt into whichever sessions they'd like to attend. 

GE Day of Teaching Offerings: September 25, 2024

Morning sessions:

  • 9am--12pm: Teaching as the Sole Instructor
    • Description: This session is for graduate students who will be teaching or co-teaching their first course as instructor of record. It engages participants in course design considerations that will help them align course learning objectives, assignments, and student engagement activities, and provides a variety of strategies for building class community, facilitating interactive class sessions, and streamlining grading and feedback.
    • Location: 100 Willamette Hall
  • 9am--12pm: Teaching U.S. Undergraduates: Strategies and Tips for International Graduate Students (9am-12pm)
    • Description: This session, for new international graduate students, offers guidance around navigating linguistic, cultural, and pedagogical issues. In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to discuss their concerns, learn more about the expectations of their future students, and consider ways to approach teaching in this new environment.
    • Location: 100 Willamette Hall

Afternoon sessions

  • 1-2:50 pm: Leading Discussion Sections or Leading Labs (concurrent)
    • Description: This session is for graduate students who will have a section or lab GE assignment. Participants meet in smaller size sessions to learn strategies for how to get to know students, establish clear classroom expectations, organize activities for rich discussions or productive labs, and grade more efficiently while providing meaningful feedback.
    • Locations: Lillis Hall, rooms TBD.
  • 3-3:45 pm: Canvas Features and Tools
    • Description: Session for all graduate students. Focus will include key Canvas features such as the Gradebook, SpeedGrader, Discussions, and Groups. 
    • Location: Lillis Hall, room TBD.
  • 4-5:00pm: Teaching Insights Forum
    • Description: Session for all graduate students on navigating important teaching-related topics/policies (like what to do when you're concerned about a student, disability-related academic accommodations, academic integrity policies, and UO's policy on attendance and engagement). Meet our campus partners who are here to support you and your students, and leave with clarity about policy requirements and resources.
    • Location: Lillis Hall, room TBD.

Departments are welcome to contact TEP to reserve spaces for your graduate students or to let us know that your students will participate in a department-led training instead of this event (we can help make sure they get to the right place!).

Find helpful teaching resources from the 2023 GE Day of Teaching.

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