Using the Canvas Gradebook

Using the Canvas Gradebook

This guide will help you navigate the Canvas gradebook.
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The Canvas Gradebook

  • The Gradebook features menus for navigation [1], with areas for student data [2] and assignment data [3].
  • You can access this assignment and student data through keyboard shortcuts [4].
  • You can find a specific student by typing into the search bar [5].
  • Finally, you can change settings for the Gradebook through the Gear icon [6].
Canvas Gradebook Layout

Late Policy

  • Setting a Late Policy and Grade Posting Policy for your course can be done through the Settings menu within the Gradebook.
  • To access the Settings menu click the gear icon by the search bar.
  • Under the Late Policies tab [1], you can automatically apply a grade for missing assignments [2] and apply automatic deductions for late submissions [3]
  • Please note the default grade for missing is 100% and that may not be what you intended.
  • Also know this is retroactive and cannot be undone, the new scores are there unless you manually adjust them one at a time.

*As the late policy affects all assignments, it is considered best practice to not include a late policy for your course. 



Canvas Gradebook Late Grading Policy Options

Grade Posting Policy

Under the Grade Posting Policy [1] tab, you can choose to automatically [2] or manually [3] release grades to students for assignments. Detailed information on the Grade Posting Policy can be found in the grade posting policy pdf.

File best_practices_grade_posting_policy.pdf
Canvas Gradebook Grade Posting Policy


Gradebook Columns and Navigation

  • The Student Name column displays the first and last name of each student.
  • You can also display secondary information for each student, such as their login ID, group membership, and sections.
  • You can place your cursor in the Student Name column and the Other Options menu [︙] will appear allowing you to sort students, display by first or last name, or include secondary information. 
  • You can also show or hide your inactive enrollments here. 





Canvas gradebook student name column

Assignment Columns

  • Assignment Columns are automatically created when graded assignments, quizzes, and discussions are created.
  •  Assignments can also be created by importing a new column into the Gradebook.
  • View the assignment name [1], total points [2], and student scores and assignment status [3].
  • The assignment column menu [4], provides options to sort grades, SpeedGrader access, Message Students Who, Set Default Grade, adjust the Grade Posting Policy, and Post / Hide grades.
Canvas Gradebook Assignment Columns

Totals Column

  • Totals are calculated for each Assignment Group [1], with the graded Total [2] displaying at the end of the Gradebook.
  • The name [3] and weight [4] of the Assignment Group is displayed at the top of each column.
  • You can sort grades via the menu at the top of the column [5].
  • The total grade [6] reflects what has been graded so far.
  • The eye with a slash icon means that at least one grade is hidden from student view so they do not see the same total in their view of grades.
  • If Assignment Groups are not weighted, you can view the total grade as points.
Canvas Gradebook Total Columns

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