Panopto Basics for Students

Panopto Basics for Students

In most courses Panopto videos are used to provide required or supplemental course content. There are some courses that require a video or podcast be submitted for an assignment. The information below supports students’ use of Panopto, including troubleshooting video access issues, recording videos both with PowerPoint slides and no slides, recording podcasts, and submitting a video or podcast as an assignment in Canvas.

To support your students’ use of Panopto we recommend providing them with the link to this page!

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Troubleshooting Video Access Issues

If you see "You do not have access to view this session" when attempting to view a Panopto video in Canvas, try the suggestions below before clicking on Request Access.

"You do not have access" message in Panopto


  1. Click on the Panopto Recordings link [1] on the Canvas Course Navigation menu.
    • Try watching the video again. If that didn't work . . . 
  2. Log out of Canvas and close your web browser. The problem should be resolved when you log back into Canvas.





Instructors receiving Access Requests should submit a Support Request to Canvas Support Services. 

Recording and Submitting Panopto Video Assignments