Importing and Exporting Scores

Importing and Exporting Scores

Scores from the Gradebook can be imported or exported as a CSV file. This can be helpful for quick correction of scores, creating additional assignments quickly, or downloading scores at the end of the term for upload to Duckweb.

This page will cover the Import/Export process in-depth. For more information on exporting your scores in preparation to upload to Duckweb, see Uploading Final Grades into Duckweb.

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Exporting Scores from the Gradebook

The Gradebook can be downloaded as a CSV file to your computer as a record or to make changes. Any changes made to a Gradebook file, such as revised grades or a new assignment addition, can be imported back into the Gradebook.

To export your Gradebook, click the Grades link in the Course Navigation Menu.  Then, click the Actions menu [1], then click the Export link [2].

Screenshot showing grades link in navigation menu and Actions dropdown menu in Gradebook

A banner will appear at the top of the page to signal an export has begun. When the export is completed, Canvas will download the CSV file automatically to your computer.

Banner with text "Gradebook export started"

If you navigate away from the page during the export, the CSV file will appear as a previous download in the Actions menu so it can be downloaded again. The Gradebook will show the date and time you requested the export. 

Screenshot showing a previous export in the Actions menu


Importing Scores into the Gradebook

You can use a CSV file to upload changes to the Gradebook. You can upload information for existing assignments, or you can also use a CSV file to create new assignments in the Gradebook. New assignments will automatically be published in your course. 

If you create a column for a new assignment, Canvas will ask how you want to import the assignment. New assignments upload with the following settings:

  • Assignment Group: Assignments
  • Submission Type: No submission
  • Due date for: Everyone

When importing a CSV file into Canvas, it must have the following columns in order.

Required columns and order

  • Student Name
  • Student ID (this is a Canvas assigned student ID)
  • SIS User ID (this will be the student's UO ID number)
  • SIS Login ID (this will be the student's DuckID)
  • Section
  • Assignment (this can be for an existing assignment or a new assignment; retain IDs for existing assignments)

To import a file, click the Grades link in the Course Navigation Menu. Click the Actions menu [1] and then click the Import button [2].

Screenshot of Action Menu showing import and export buttons


Click the Choose File [1] or Browse button (depending on your browser).

Locate the CSV file then click the Open button. Click the Upload Data button [2].

Screen shot of Upload Data button

If you add a new column to the CSV file and then upload the file, Canvas will ask you what you want to do with the new column. In the drop-down menu, choose the A new assignment option [1]. Then assign the number of points possible [2]. Click the Continue button [3].

Screenshot showing the assignment identifier dropdown menu


Review the changes made to your Gradebook [1]. Any changes that will result in a lower grade than the previous version are highlighted in red [2].

Screenshot of canvas display of grade changes from an import