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The Faculty Success e-newsletter highlights timely teaching-related policy, events, awards, and opportunities alongside other timely updates from the Provost's office related to curriculum, leadership development, promotion, and more. This every-other-week newsletter is focused on supporting and celebrating faculty success.

Programs & Initiatives

In addition to providing consultations and workshops, TEP and UO Online seek to build a community around teaching at UO, acknowledge the remarkable work of UO teachers, and leverage faculty and GE teaching insights to enhance UO's academic mission.

Provost’s Teaching Academy

Faculty engaged in informal conversations
The Provost’s Teaching Academy brings together UO’s distinguished teachers—both award recipients and participants in UO’s premiere teaching development activities—into a leadership group.

Summer Teaching Institute

Faculty engaged in a workshop
The Summer Teaching Institute convenes faculty for a week of focus on teaching, both through large-format core skills workshops and smaller-group topical pathways that foreground priority areas for the university.

CAITs: Learning and Leadership Communities

Faculty gathering, seated around tables
Communities Accelerating the Impact of Teaching are compensated, competitively awarded faculty learning and leadership communities that investigate topics of timely interest through lenses of both pedagogical and institutional change.

Reading Groups

Science Teaching Journal Club Image
The Teaching Engagement Program's open reading groups meet weekly to read and discuss books and scholarly articles about teaching and learning and consider how the ideas presented could inform participants' teaching practice.

Online Course Development Initiative

Professor Ihab Elzeyadi writing on Learning Glass
In Summer 2020, UO launched an initiative to build asynchronous online versions of high-enrollment courses. More than 120 UO faculty partnered with instructional designers in this ambitious effort.

Teaching Core Education

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Core Education is the heart of UO’s undergraduate program and includes the courses all students take. Cross-cutting skills—critical and creative thinking, ethical reflection, and written communication—and new cultural and equity literacy courses make UO Core Ed special.

Teach to the Core

Past Programs and Initiatives

  • The Working Group on Active Teaching and Learning, a partnership with the UO Libraries Center for Media and Education Technologies and the Yamada Language Center, which formed three cohorts of faculty seeking support and camaraderie as they adopted more active teaching methods.
  • Duck In, a peer observation program that allowed faculty to open seats in their classes for colleagues to claim.
  • The Working Group on Classroom Dialogue, part of UO’s Freedom of Expression Series, a partnership with the Graduate School and the interactive theater troupe Rehearsals for Life, which considered the valuable, difficult work of facilitating rigorous and respectful class discussion in a turbulent political climate.