Online Course Initiative

Online Course Initiative


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Designing high-impact, online courses for UO’s future. 

In Summer 2020, UO launched an initiative to build asynchronous online versions of high-enrollment courses. Faculty members built 105 courses with personalized support from instructional designers.

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“It was invaluable to have someone right there, almost like a coach, helping you make decisions. They also put you in contact with other faculty who've already faced those similar challenges.”
Daisy-O’lice Williams, Associate Professor of Architecture
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“The major thing it does is gives flexibility. They shouldn't be easy courses, they should be enjoyable, thought-provoking courses that feel easy, because you don't have to show up to class twice a week.”
Jordan Pennefather, Senior Instructor in Psychology and faculty fellow
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Results of the Online Course Initiative

  • UO invested meaningfully in teaching support as 121 faculty received targeted training, opportunity to work with peers, and individualized support from instructional designers.
  • The time each faculty member invested in building an online courses will continue to yield benefits for their teaching. Many instructors say their course structure is stronger/improved as a result of the initiative, and the teaching assets they have built will be useful for their classroom instruction as well as their online teaching.
  • Data reveals that the investment of the initiative had a positive impact on students. Accessibility has been improved. Students who enrolled in at least one initiative-designed course in the fall were more likely to re-enroll in UO courses for winter term than students who took no initiative-designed courses in fall.
  • The initiative opened horizons for UO faculty. If you didn’t have an opportunity to participate, the conversation continues. Join us for TEP and UO Online’s Research-Informed Reading Group or consider applying for one of the pathways in the Summer Teaching Institute.