LinkedIn Learning in Canvas

LinkedIn Learning in Canvas

Linkedin Learning (LiL) offers training courses in 3 broad categories: business, creativity, and technology. There may be times when you'd like your students to watch a LinkedIn course, or a single video within a course, to introduce new concepts or to reinforce your instruction. There are several ways to use LiL in your course. This guide is intended to walk you through three specific scenarios for using LinkedIn Learning within Canvas.

Note: LinkedIn Learning videos autoplay by default. This setting cannot be controlled by instructors outside of the embed options listed in Option 3 below. Please provide information to students on how to turn off autoplay in their individual LinkedIn Learning Accounts by sharing the Turning Off Autoplay in LinkedIn Learning resource. (resource opens in new window)

Below you will find three scenarios of how you might use LinkedIn Learning in your course, with a set-up guide and user notes.

Scenario 1: Embed LiL Videos in a Canvas Assignment

Scenario 2: Embed LiL Videos in a Canvas Page

Scenario 3: Embed Multiple LiL Videos on a Canvas Page



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Scenario 1: Embedded in a Canvas Assignment

I want to assign a LinkedIn Learning video and require students to watch it. Students will earn points automatically for watching the video.

Scenario 1: Set-up

  1. Create an Assignment in Canvas
    • Do Not fill in the assignment name, instructions, or points yet as LinkedIn Learning will automatically override those. See Step 5.
  2. Select the Submission Type as External Tool and then select Find.
  3. Search for LinkedIn Learning
  4. Select the video you want students to watch from the LinkedIn Learning interface.
    • The Load This Tool in A New Tab option will be automatically selected. Keep this box checked
  5. Update the Assignment NameInstructions, and Points to override LinkedIn Learning's auto populated text.
  6. Save & Publish the Assignment

Students will be automatically awarded points when they finish watching the LinkedIn Learning Video and exit the LinkedIn Learning platform.

Canvas assignment submission type LinkedIn Learning
Scenario 1: Notes (click to expand)
  • LinkedIn Learning hosts multi-video "courses" that are comprised of shorter video "clips".
  • In your Canvas Assignment, you cannot link just a single LinkedIn Learning video "clip" by itself. LinkedIn Learning will display the entire "course."
    • Let students know which video "clip" (or clips) they are to watch and that they don't have to watch additional videos or the entire "course" for credit (unless that is your intent).
  • Students will be sent to LinkedIn Learning's external site - they will not stay in Canvas since you need to have LinkedIn Learning open in a new tab.
    • Not selecting "Load this tool in a new tab" causes an error and LinkedIn cannot connect to Canvas.
    • Students may have to log into LinkedIn.
  • Students must watch the entire video without fast forwarding (scrubbing) forward. However, they can watch the video at 1.25x-2x speed and still be counted as having watched it.
  • The grade is automatically awarded when students closed the LinkedIn Learning player after watching the video.


Scenario 2: Embedded on a Canvas Page

I want to provide a LinkedIn Learning video for my students to view. It is not an assignment - there are no points for watching it - but students will be tested on information in the video later, so watching the video is strongly recommended.

Scenario 2: Set-up

  1. Create a Page in Canvas
  2. Add the LinkedIn Learning video by selecting the Apps icon in the Rich Text Editor
  3. You may need to select the More [⋮] options menu (1) to view the Apps plug in Icon.
  4. Select View All (2) in the Apps menu and then select LinkedIn Learning (3).
  5. Locate the video on the LinkedIn Learning platform and select Confirm.

Students will be able to view the video on the Canvas page.​​

Canvas page apps icon to find linkedin learning
Scenario 2: Notes (click to expand)
  • Students may need to log into LinkedIn Learning to view the video
  • Students will see the entire LinkedIn Learning platform screen, not just the video
  • Videos will auto play unless students turn off the auto play setting in their personal LinkedIn Learning account. Steps for doing this are outlined in the Turning Autoplay off in LInkedIn Learning How To document.



Scenario 3: Multiple Videos on One Canvas Page

I want to have several LinkedIn Learning videos on one Canvas page for students to watch. Because there are several videos, I do not want them to auto play. Students will not receive points for watching the videos. 

Note: This set-up requires you to connect your LinkedIn account with your UO LinkedIn Learning account to enable embedding videos on a Canvas page.

Prefer a Video Tutorial? Click here to view

Accordion content 1.

Scenario 3: Set-up

In LinkedIn Learning: Connect your accounts

The embed option in LinkedIn Learning is only available when you link your LinkedIn account with your UO LinkedIn Learning account.

LinkedIn Learning sharing options with and without a connected LinkedIn account

Connect your UO LinkedIn Learning account with your LinkedIn account by logging into LinkedIn Learning using your UO credentials.

  1. Go to your LinkedIn Learning Profile and select Settings.
  2. Select "Connect my account" in the Connect your LinkedIn account to your LinkedIn Learning account provided by your organization section.

Your accounts will now be connected and you will have the Embed share option available.

LinkedIn Learning Connect my account option in profile settings

In Canvas: Set-up the Page

  1. Create a Page
  2. In the LinkedIn Learning platform, select a video you want to embed and Copy the < / > Embed code.
    1. Do Not check the Auto-play video box.
LinkedIn Learning Embed a Video do not auto play

3. Return to Canvas and select the embed icon​​​​​You may need to first select the More Options icon.​​​​ Here is where you'll add the LinkedIn Learning embed code.

Canvas rich text editor embed icon

4. Paste the LinkedIn Learning embed code in the Embed Code area and select Submit. If you have multiple videos to add, you can add each embed code, one after the other, and then ​​​​​​select Submit to add all the videos.

Canvas embed code field

Students will see the videos on the Canvas Page and will have full control of starting and stopping them. The will also have controls to view the videos in full screen and activate closed captions. However, students will not have play-back speed controls.

LinkedIn Learning multiple videos on 1 canvas page

LinkedIn Learning videos are embedded with a default size. If you'd like to change the size of the videos on the page, click on the video so that you see the size bounding box. Select any of the blue squares and drag the video size to your preferred size.

Embedded video in canvas a screen size options