Summer Teaching Institute

UO Summer Teaching Institute

The UO Summer Teaching Institute is a banner event sponsored by the Office of the Provost and hosted by the Teaching Engagement Program and UO Online that convenes UO faculty for an intensive, multi-day focus on teaching. It brings faculty together from all UO's schools and colleges for inspiration, collegial connection, and the design of new courses and teaching materials. Faculty participate in specialized topical pathways, engage with online resources, and select from a lineup of workshops and presentations that bring UO's teaching community together around emerging topics. 

The 2022 Summer Teaching Institute, July 11-15, offers a celebratory return to an in-person program and time for reflection and purposeful action based on the extraordinary changes our teaching and learning community has undergone across two years of upheaval and adaptation.

Two stipended ($1K) topical pathways are available for colleagues who can be with us for the week for deep focus on: Hybrid Teaching and  Access for All: UDL, Usability, & Inclusive Design. Pathway applications are due Monday, May 23 (extended deadline). This opportunity is for both tenure-related and career faculty.  Successful completion of the Institute involves the completion of a course plan or new teaching materials. Pathway participants are invited to join the Provost’s Teaching Academy.  

Time commitment for stipended participants: The program runs between 10 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. daily with coffee, lunch, and snacks served. Most morning sessions are optional. Ahead of the Institute, participants will take a teaching practices inventory as a reflective tool and engage with new asynchronous resources that are designed as an introduction to professional, inclusive, engaged, and research-informed teaching.

In addition to specialized pathway sessions, all UO faculty will be invited to drop in for sessions on faculty and student wellbeing, equitable student success, and new approaches to assessment. More information about drop-in sessions coming soon! 

While the Summer Institute is currently not available to GEs, we will be hosting the GE Day of Teaching on September 21, 2022.



Our pathway topics this year: 

Hybrid Teaching

Hybrid courses allow us to blend the best parts of in-person and asynchronous online courses. Distinct from remote, online, or HyFlex, hybrid courses replace some classroom time with asynchronous online activity. Join this pathway to redesign an existing course for hybrid delivery and participate in a faculty pilot where you’ll explore and advance best practices in hybrid teaching at UO.  

With a support network of colleagues, instructional designers, and consultants, you will learn about the opportunities and challenges of teaching a hybrid course, workshop what you want to teach asynchronously and what to teach in-person, and brainstorm strategies for making effective connections across the two modalities and maximizing the distinctive affordances they offer. Participants will leave the pathway with a full course map outlining all planned revisions and one completed module that purposefully connects all course activities and assignments across both modalities. An additional $1,500 stipend will be paid when the fully developed hybrid course is taught the first time.  

Access for All: UDL, Usability, & Inclusive Design  

This pathway explores practices that create more accessible and inclusive classes for all students, particularly students with disabilities and/or neurodivergent students. Learn about and put into practice the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Inclusive Design (ID), and web accessibility. We’ll also examine and contextualize the pressing need for greater accessibility in higher education generally and for students at UO specifically. Participants will analyze barriers to accessibility in their own courses and select and enact strategies to remove those barriers. 

The goals, structure, and content in this pathway are informed by (1) conversations with units and individuals impacted by and working around accessibility issues on campus, (2) the needs and recommendations identified by students, (3) the knowledge that designing for access improves outcomes for all, and (4) a social and cultural disability lens.  



Past Pathways & Workshops


Designing New Approaches to Assessment pathway

Mixed Modalities pathway

Teaching Difference, Inequality, and Agency pathway 
This pathway discussed challenging and socially and intellectually urgent teaching and learning linked to UO's new undergraduate United States: Difference Inequality, Agency, and Global Perspectives requirements.

Teaching First Year Students pathway
This pathway discussed the particular needs of first year students, such as the needs to feel they belong at the university and in their courses, to be part of a community, and to develop study skills and college knowledge; the group then discussed approaches faculty can take to address those needs.

Transformative Core Education pathway
This pathway discussed strategies for teaching key transferable skills of a liberal arts education, working with students who resist taking required courses, and boosting student learning through the incorporation of “high impact” practices and pedagogies.

Teaching Online pathway
This pathway discussed the building blocks for high-quality online courses, helped faculty to begin developing their own online courses, and connected them to a support structure designed to take them from planning through delivery and revision.

The entire 2020 institute was devoted to developing fully online courses as part of UO’s Online Course Development Initiative.


  • Teaching Toward Inclusion and Belonging
  • Aligned Course Design
  • Research-Led Practices to ‘Activate’ a Class
  • Student Metacognition
  • What Should be Different about Teaching at a Research University?