Topical Assessment Guides

Curricular Assessment projects can focus on student learning outcomes or specific areas for curricular improvement. These optional Assessment Guides are intended to simplify the assessment process and help units focus on topical areas for curricular improvement.

Each assessment guide focuses on one specific area of curricular improvement and provides the simplified steps to take to organize an assessment project and make improvement in that focus area. Each guide ends with a template for assessment reporting based on the unit's work in this area. 


File Career Readiness Assessment Guide

One of the recommendations of the Career Readiness CAIT, was that “Departments can build explicit career readiness goals into the learning outcomes for their majors. This short assessment guide will help a department incorporate and assess a career readiness learning outcome.

File Equity & Inclusion Assessment Guide

This template steps through a process of identifying an area for intervention, developing a plan to make progress in that area, and then monitoring your progress. In this document, you can find four example assessment projects that focus on equity and inclusion.

For units in CAS, 2021 assessment projects can be linked to opportunities for funding in through the Dean’s Diversity Grant.  All CAS units are welcome to apply.