Panopto - Adding a YouTube Video to a Panopto Video

Panopto - Adding a YouTube Video to a Panopto Video

It is fairly common for instructors to have a YouTube video embedded in a Powerpoint or Keynote slide show. For presentations in the classroom, this works very well.  When converting that in-class presentation to a "voice over PowerPoint" video using Panopto, the YouTube video will not be recorded by Panopto if it is played from the slide show.   The best way to insert the YouTube video into a recording that will be streamed from Panopto is to add the YouTube video to the voice over PowerPoint video after it is uploaded to Panopto.

Note that when the video is viewed, the YouTube video will only be visible if the viewer watches the Panopto video using the Panopto Viewer. The YouTube video will not play in a video that is embedded on a page or in a quiz in Canvas. Viewers can view the video in the Panopto Viewer by clicking on the Launch the Panopto Viewer button on the video toolbar.

launch panopto viewer button


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Capture the YouTube Video URL

Capture URL of YouTube Video

Begin the process of adding a YouTube video to a Panopto Video by finding the video on YouTube. Select the Share [1] button located on the toolbar below the YouTube video.

In the share pop-up window, the URL for the video is shown in the Copy text box. Select Copy [2] to copy the YouTube address link.

youtube share button and video link copy screen

Open the Panopto Video Editor

Go to Panopto Recordings in the Canvas course [1], then select Edit [2] for the video to be edited.

panopto recordings edit video option


Insert YouTube Video

In the video timeline in Panopto, put your cursor on the timeline in the exact location in the video where the YouTub video is to be inserted. A red link appears at that point in the video.



To insert the YouTube video, click on the +button [1] on the editing toolbar. When the menu appears, select Add a YouTube video [2].

Add Menu


You will be prompted to add a Title [1] for the YouTube video in the Contents list on the left. Add a title then select the YouTube button [2].

Contents Title


The viewing window on the right side of the screen is where you'll add the video link and other viewing options. Enter the following:

  • Paste the URL you copied from YouTube [3].
  • Add a Start time if the video should start at a specific time [4].
  • Add an End time if the video should end at a specific time [5].
  • Click on Done to finalize inserting the YouTube video [6].
adding youtube video link and start and stop times


To save these changes, click the Apply button at the top of the Panopto window.

Panopto apply changes button


Provide students with clear instructions, stating that they must watch the video in the Panopto Viewer to access the YouTube video in the recording. Provide them with a link to the video or have them use the Launch the Panopto Viewer button on the video toolbar of an embedded video.

launch panopto viewer button


Navigating YouTube Videos in Panopto

Viewers can click on the YouTube video title in the Contents menu.

Contents Menu Jump


Or, click on the YouTube button on the toolbar below the video to jump to the YouTube video.

Control Bar

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