Panopto - Adding Captions

Panopto - Adding Captions

When a video or audio file is uploaded to Panopto, a process begins in the background, to automatically create captions. For the captions to be available to viewers of the media, the captions need to be imported into the video in Panopto and they should also be edited. Automatic Captions are around 70% accurate in Panopto.  Using a good quality microphone and speaking clearly/enunciating will help the accuracy.  Once the captions are imported, they need to be edited so they are 100% accurate. 


 Note that captions for videos about topics using discipline specific terminology might need more editing.  We have found this especially true in STEM courses like chemistry.

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Importing Automatic Captions

  • In Panopto, go to the Edit view for the video or audio recording Edit Button
  • On the menu in the left panel of the Panopto window, select Captions and click on the arrow next to Import captions  Add Captions
  • Select Import automatic captions

Captions are not available immediately after a video has been uploaded.  Panopto needs time to create the automatic captions.

 This step is required on each video created to show the Captions/Transcript to viewers.

Automatic captions are processed after the video finishes processing. They are not available immediately.

Editing Captions

Once the captions are available and have been imported, they will be visible in the Captions pane.

  • In the Captions pane, hover the mouse over a caption that needs editing
    • Click on the 3 dots (aka "kabob")
    • Select Edit
      Edit Captions
  • This will open the Edit Captions window
    Edit Captions pop up
  • After editing the caption in the pop-up window, click on Save
  • Repeat this process for each caption needing editing
  • Finalize Edits by clicking on the Apply button at the top of the page. Failing to do so will delete all edits made.
    Apply Button

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