How to Create a Discussion

How to Create a Discussion

This guide will show you how to create a Canvas discussion board.
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Creating a Canvas Discussion

In your Canvas course, click on the Discussion link [1] in the Course Navigation Menu, then click the Add Discussion button [2].

Discussion + Discussion


Type in information for your discussion, including the Title [3] and a description [4] of the topic or questions. You can use the toolbar of the Rich Content Editor to add formatting and insert media elements.

Check the boxes for any of the discussion Options [5] provided. We recommend using threaded replies for easier viewing.  We recommend checking the box for Graded discussions (even if they're worth 0 points) so faculty have the SpeedGrader interface and so any files uploaded by the student are not counted against their limited file storage. 

If this is to be a Group Discussion, check that box [6]. You must set up at least one Group Set first.

You can set time parameters for the discussion using the Available From/To options [7].

Don't forget to hit Save!  Click Publish and your discussion board is ready for your students.

Discussion window fields