Creating a Panopto Video Quiz Assignment in Canvas

Creating a Panopto Video Quiz Assignment in Canvas

Once quiz questions have been added to a Panopto video, connecting the video with a Canvas Assignment is required so the quiz results are added to Canvas Grades. For information about creating the video quiz refer to the document Adding Quiz Questions to a Panopto Video.

Important Note - In order for quiz results from a Video Quiz Assignment to be added to Canvas Grades, the students must access the video by going to the Canvas Assignment and click on Play. If they access the video via Panopto Recordings, their quiz results will only be captured by Panopto Quiz Results, and Not be added to the gradebook. The only way to capture those students' results when this happens is to add the quiz results for each student, one-by-one, to the gradebook, after looking them up in the Panopto Quiz Result. The quiz will submit results if vier closes the browser. Limiting how many times a student can see and answer a question could result in students not being able to finish the quiz if they take a break and close the browser tab, navigate away from video, etc."

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Create a New Assignment in Canvas

  • Begin with a new Assignment in Canvas
  • Name the Assignment
  • Provide instructions in the Rich Content Editor
  • Assign the point value of the quiz
    • Each question is worth the same number of points, so if the quiz has 3 questions and is worth 6 points, each question is worth 2 points

Select Submission Type

Here is where the Assignment process is different:

  • For Submission Type select External Tool [1]
  • Click on the Find button [2]
  • Scroll down and select Panopto Recordings [3]
  • Click on Select [4]
  • Click on the checkbox - Load This Tool In A New Tab [5]
Add External Tool



    Select the Panopto Video and Set Embed Options

    The next screen will display the videos that are in the Panopto Recordings folder for this course.

    Click the radio button to the left of the video thumbnail [1] to select the video for the Assignment.

    Expand the Video Embed Options by clicking the arrow to the right of the Video Embed Options [2].

    select panopto video and embed options for canvas assignment


    We recommend making the dimensions of the video smaller. Enter 360 as the new Width ​​​​​​[3] and the Height will automatically adjust.

    Be sure to select Enable 'Watch in Panopto' [4]. Select Insert [5] to finalize the Embed Options.

    Finally, click on Select to finalize the External Tool in the assignment.

    panopto video embed options

    The rest of the assignment settings should be selected and the assignment saved and published. 

    Video Assignment Results

    Student quiz results will appear in Canvas in Grades. You can see a breakdown of the quiz results by going to Panopto Recordings in Canvas.

    Go to the Edit screen for the video and click on the gear icon (Settings) in the upper right corner of the screen.

    Video Settings


    In the new window, click on Quiz Results in the menu on the left. This displays a window showing:

    • Quiz Results Summary
    • User Results Summary
    • Detailed Results by Section
      • (a Section is a quiz question or questions in the same location on the timeline of the video)
    • Results by User and by Question can be downloaded
    Panopto quiz results screen

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