Adding Quiz Questions to a Panopto Video

Adding Quiz Questions to a Panopto Video

This page explains how to add quiz questions to a Panopto Video. Quiz refers to one quiz question in Panopto. A quiz Section refers to one or more consecutive questions that are at the same point in the video timeline. A Panopto Video can have one Section with 1 or more questions, or multiple Sections with one or more questions. At each point in the video timeline where a quiz begins, that is a Section.

To create an Assignment in Canvas and have the scores recorded in Grades review Creating a Panopto Video Quiz Assignment in Canvas.   

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Determine Where to Add Quiz Question

Open Panopto Recordings in Canvas and hover over the video that will have quizzing added. Select the Edit option to open the video in the Panopto Online Viewer.

Edit Button


Select Quizzes on the left hand navigation menu.

Content Menu



Identify the location on the timeline for the first quiz question in the video, by clicking on the timeline

Playhead Insert


Add Quiz Questions

In the Quizzes pane click on + then Add a Quiz 

Add Quiz Menu



Select the Question type (True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, Fill in the Blank)

Add the Question Description or Number [1]

Add the Question text [2]

Add the Answer options [3] and mark the correct answer

  • #3 is the correct answer
  • #4 is an incorrect answer option

Add as many additional distractors [5] as appropriate.

Provide a Correct answer explanation (this is optional) 

When the question, possible answer(s), and correct answer(s) are entered either Add a Question or select Done

Quiz Question type


After clicking Done,  the Quiz options appear including options to:

  • Allow viewers to retake the quiz
  • Show grade grade after taking the quiz
    • Allow review of correct answers and explanations
  • The ability to block advancing in the video until the quiz is answered

Select the options to apply to the question(s). Use the Back button to return to the question.

Click Finish when done

Quiz question options




More questions can be added elsewhere in the video (Adding a quiz elsewhere creates a new Section) by locating the spot on the timeline and clicking the + button.

  • Select the Apply button at the top of the screen to save the quiz question(s)
Apply Button