Adding Panopto Videos to a Canvas Course

Adding Panopto Videos to a Canvas Course

Panopto videos can be added to most Canvas tools by either embedding or linking to the video.

  • Embedded videos are visible/watchable on the Canvas page/quiz/discussion/announcement/assignment, etc.  This allows you to provide framing information about the video and the purpose of watching it.
  • Linking to a video in the Rich Content Editor (RCE) is another option. This will open the video in a new tab in the Panopto Viewer, and thus provide access to all the Panopto viewing tools. 
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To Embed a Video

In any Rich Content Editor (Page, Announcement, Discussion, Quiz, Assignment, etc.) complete these steps:

  • Write an introduction for the video.
  • Click on the Panopto icon on the editor. 
Rich Content Editor with Panopto icon highlighted
  • Scroll through the list of videos and select the video to embed. [1]
  • In the Video Embed Options
    • Leave all settings except the size of the video which can be reduced to 350 wide x 197 high. (Note that changing the width of the video will update the height automatically, retaining the Aspect Ratio) [2].
    • Click on Insert to embed the video[3].
Panopto recordings window to select video, resize as needed and insert in Canvas

When embedding videos, remind students to use the Watch in Panopto button (shown below) on an embedded video toolbar to open the video in a new browser making all the Panopto Tools available to the viewer.

Panopto recordings window to select video, resize as needed and insert in Canvas

To Link to a Video

Linking to the video will open the Panopto Viewer in a new tab in the browser.  Because the viewer is opened, the students will have access to Captions, Notes, Discussions and other Panopto Tools.

To link to a Panopto video in Canvas:

  • Select Panopto Recordings on the Course Navigation Menu
  • Hover the mouse over the video to link to and select the Settings button


Panopto setting to link recordings
  • Select Share on the Settings Menu. [1]
  • Click on Link and copy the link. [2]
  • Click on the X to close the window. [3]
Panopto recording link code to copy



  • Return to the Canvas course and the tool where the link should be added.
  • If it is in the Rich Content Editor (RCE), type a descriptive name for the link, select the text , and click on the Link to URL button to insert the link.
RCE window highlighting the link icon for linking Panopto recordings.

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