Adding Panopto Videos to a Canvas Course

Adding Panopto Videos to a Canvas Course

Panopto videos can be added to Canvas Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Pages, and Quizzes. Inserting videos rather than linking to them in Modules allows you to provide framing information about the video and the purpose of watching it.

We recommend inserting Panopto videos, as outlined below, as a best practice over linking out to Panopto videos in Modules. This ensures that students have full and unhindered access to your Panopto video content.

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Inserting a Panopto Video

NOTE: In order to ensure that students can access the video in Canvas, you must insert your Panopto video following the steps below.

If you use the embed code or a direct link to the video, students may get "access denied" errors that prevent them viewing the video.

These steps ensure that the video is available in the correct course for the correct term.

In any Rich Content Editor (available on Pages, Announcements, Discussions, Quizzes, Assignments) complete these steps:

  • Write an introduction for the video to let students know why they are watching it and to provide any framing information.
  • Click on the Panopto icon on the editor. 
Rich Content Editor with Panopto icon highlighted
  • Scroll through the list of videos and select the video to insert. [1]
  • In the Video Embed Options
    • Leave all settings except the size of the video [2] which can be reduced to 350 wide x 197 high. (Note that changing the width of the video will update the height automatically, retaining the Aspect Ratio).
    • Click on Insert to embed the video[3].
Adding Panopto video embed options

Remind students to use the Watch in Panopto button [4] on the embedded video toolbar to open the video in a new browser. This ensures that the viewer has access to all the available Panopto Tools.

watch panopto video in panopto link