Teaching and Artificial Intelligence Systems: Insights and Strategies

  • 11 May 2023
  • EMU Ballroom
  • Event Host: TEP
  • Event Type: Panel
  • Teaching Pillar: Inclusive, Engaged, Research-Informed

The widespread availability and rapid proliferation of ChatGPT and other tools has brought artificial intelligence (AI) systems to the forefront of discussion about higher education teaching and learning. With numerous AI systems now available – and even more sophisticated AI systems on the way – users can generate and manipulate a vast range of content from text and images to audio and video. Given the varied capabilities of AI systems, what are the implications for higher education? What opportunities and challenges do AI systems present? How can and should we engage AI systems in our teaching?  

In this interactive session, a panel of UO faculty will share insights on how AI systems work, their implications for democracy, ethics, justice, and student learning experience, and emerging considerations for the future of teaching and learning. We’ll then discuss strategies instructors can pursue for addressing AI in our courses, including ways we can help students learn to interact with these systems critically, creatively, and ethically.    

Panelists will include Ramón Alvarado (Philosophy), Colin Koopman (Philosophy), Rebekah Hanley (Law), and Phil Colbert (Computer Science). A livestream will be available for the panelist portion of this event only. Please contact TEP for a link.

This event is open to all faculty, staff, and graduate students.

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