HHMI Inclusive Excellence

HHMI Inclusive Excellence

The University of Oregon has been invited to participate in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Inclusive Excellence Learning Community. The initiative challenges U.S. colleges and universities to substantially and sustainably build their capacity for student belonging, especially for those who have been historically excluded from the sciences. Over the next two years of this initiative, UO will collaborate with other campuses in our learning community to take on the challenge of "meaningful evaluation of effective and inclusive teaching". 

The University of Oregon has been revising teaching evaluation processes since 2017. The principles of that initiative have been to make teaching evaluation fair and transparent, conducted against clear criteria, and to use multiple sources of evidence (from students, peers, and instructors themselves). Learn more about the changes that have been made so far on the provost webpage

The HHMI Inclusive Excellence learning community and funding will support continuing efforts to make UO's new teaching evaluation system a more meaningful way to evaluate inclusive and effective teaching. Our work will leverage UO's teaching quality criteria which includes Inclusive, Engaged, and Research-Informed teaching practices as a baseline for evaluating inclusive and effective teaching. 

Our efforts will include:

  1. learning about promising approaches to teaching evaluation from peer campuses in our Inclusive Excellence learning community, 
  2. analyzing UO data to better understand student and instructor perspectives on inclusive and effective teaching, and 
  3. working with departments to develop unit-level mechanisms for meaningful teaching evaluation, especially related to inclusive teaching.  

Get involved:

Please join us! If you are interested in joining the leadership team for UO's HHMI Inclusive Excellence project, contact the Program Director, Austin Hocker (ahocker@uoregon.edu), to find out about meetings and the upcoming work of the group.